Thoughts on Going Grey


I’ve been told stories of my great grandmother on my mother’s side: she was always put together, the type of woman who vacuumed in pearls, and had a brilliant streak of grey hair that framed her face just right. A stark contrast to her almost jet black hair.

I do not own pearls and my grey has decided to come in a very random, not so stunning way, so I may not be as similar to my great grandmother as I had hoped; although, I do love vacuuming.

I noticed my first grey hair my Freshman year of college, which I wasn’t too concerned with at the time. I plucked it out and went about my way. In my late 20s I had a bedtime routine that included plucking at least three greys in an effort to slow the process - a battle in which I have fully forfeited. I admit defeat. Now I have so many grey hairs that my old plucking practices are laughable. How did I ever think I could win this war? I don’t believe the old wives tale that plucking a grey results in two more growing back… it’s more like twenty more!

I still haven’t given in to masking the greys - a series of endless hair appointments in hopes of covering the silver shimmers - the way my sister and mother do. I’m a very low maintenance person. I’m lucky if I get my hair cut every 6 to 8 months, so beginning the process of covering the greys is already a lost cause if I’m being realistic.

Aside from the amount of time it would take at the salon, I just can’t wrap my head around how much people spend to dye their hair on a regular basis. An expense that would definitely interfere with my aforementioned list of hobbies.

I’m trying my best to embrace the early signs of aging, knowing there will be plenty of other battles down the line, but it’s hard when you live in a society that worships a youthful appearance. In an effort to be okay with my growing number of greys, I’ve started following more silver vixens on Instagram.

Fingers crossed I look this good when I have a full head of grey!


Maybe the key to going grey is finding a great lipstick?