Oh, Hello. Fancy Meeting You Here.

Hello internet friends!

Back by not-so-popular demand, I’ve decided to finally get my website up and running again. I have to keep my devoted fans and followers pleased [I’m looking at you mother, and my dear friends Sara & Anne].

I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with blogging. On one hand, I love having a creative outlet. A space to share my ideas, opinions, and curiosities. It nice making connections with people all over the world, realizing that no matter how different we all are, our struggles and triumphs are really quite similar. Of course I always hope that by telling my own story I may be able to inspire just one person to love themselves more.

But with all that jazz comes the constant pressure to have things look a certain way or to produce a certain number of posts per week. You have to create a brand. Be the brand. Live. the. brand.

I just don’t work that way. I can’t make myself be creative when I’m not in the mood. I’m fond of so many different styles of writing and visual content that it’s hard for me to focus enough to make a clear, consistent ‘brand voice’.

Thankfully I’ve come to realize that I can do this for me. And just for me. Despite the fact that I’m writing and publishing this content for all the world to read, I can take the pressure off by changing my constant worry of ‘will anybody like this?’ and instead simply ask myself ‘do I like this? does this make me feel good?’

And the answer to that is definitely a resounding YES. It makes me happy to have a space to share the latest people, ideas, products, or experiences that get me excited.

So I couldn’t be more thrilled to give you a big WELCOME to my new site, and hope you enjoy my little space on the internet as much as I intend to.