All the Single Ladies


Full Disclosure: I wrote this post back in December of 2018 and for some reason never posted it. I think I was rushing to get to a yoga class and didn’t have time to proof read it, so I saved it and planned on posting it later. Shortly after, I found myself in a relationship and couldn’t post this without feeling like a fraud. Fast forward a solid 9 months and here I am, back in the ‘single lady’ category and feeling like these words ring just as true as ever.

This one goes out to all the single ladies.

The ones paying all the bills, cooking all the meals, doing all the dishes, hustling hard day in and day out without anyone around to be the big spoon.

For most of my life I was a serial monogamist. I dated the same person [on and off] for a total of almost 12 years. When we weren’t together, I filled the void with relationship after relationship. This all started at the ripe age of 15, which as you might imagine didn’t exactly foster the best relationship with myself. It took me a long time to learn that you can’t depend on someone else, whether it’s a significant other, family member or friend, to make you happy. That one’s on you hunny.

Fast forward to my current 32-year-old self, single now for over 3 years, and the only relationship I’m remotely interested in is with me, myself, and I. The last three years have given me the time and space to really get to know myself. What is it that makes me happy? What are my interests? Where do I see myself living? What goals and aspirations are right for me?

My love of being single doesn’t mean I’m hating on relationships by any means. I have plenty of friends in enviable relationships, which every now and then makes me second guess my complete lack of interest in dating. After all, I’m not getting any younger [or so I’ve been reminded]. My sister, an OB/GYN, even offered to freeze my eggs as my Christmas present. She was joking, I think.

In my humble opinion there’s no deadline for when you have to find your person, if ever. The right time for a relationship is when you feel completely confident and fulfilled without one. When you can bring yourself just as much happiness as anyone else in your life.

I’m not saying being single is all rainbows and sunshine. It gets lonely at times. Especially being an overly affectionate person. But for now my friends will just have to put up with my extra hugs and cuddles.

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